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Why, When and How To Get Track Shoes with Spike for Crossfit

A quick run isn't the only thing you can do with track shoes with spike. You can also use them to go around much longer distances and use them for cardio training. They can be a good complement to Crossfit and help you get you more out of your training. They can be another high-performance tool to add to your bag and you can pull them out whenever necessary. If you have more budget for your Crossfit gear, these can be a useful addition to make.

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Just like your other Crossfit shoes, track shoes are light and keep you agile and flexible. The main improvement comes from the superior traction they provide and simply put, they make changes in direction and turns feel pretty amazing. And then, just like all the Crossfit gear we promote, track shoes can prevent injuries if you use them in the right situations. If you're looking to make the switch, keep reading to get a few pair ideas along with a summary of what they can do for you.

Puma Haraka XCS Track Shoe for Men and Women

The Puma Haraka XCS are a popular track shoe pick for both men and women on Amazon. They come in a pretty classic design with bright colors and don't really cost that much to add to your training bag only around $50 for a pair. This is certainly the ideal model for those who prefer to make their runs outside and want to have a pair that will stand the test of time, and more importantly, make you avoid any slips. The fit is pretty tight and will make you feel locked in.

Saucony Spitfire Track Shoe for Men and Women

Saucony is a company you might not have seen in our other top picks for Crossfit, but definitely consider them in this category. They provide one of the most solid options for track shoes with this Spitfire model for both men and women. Needless to say, the look is fierce and there's really nothing that look like these. Men can go for a silver/red theme, a more classic white color or go bold with some black and teal. For women, we preferred the white and purple colorway, but if you can pull off the red and blue theme, then all the better. These shoes will give you some swagger no doubt. Performance-wise, their qualities reside in the great (and pretty long) 7 pins at the front which are some of the best around and their durability is certainly up there. The Sauconys are made for tougher tasks and are more stiff. Runners report to be improving their time with these, and just like the PUMAs they can generally be found at $50 or less, so if improving your time is a big deal to you in keeping your motivation, definitely give these a try.

ASICS Men's GEL-Dirt For Men and Women

The ASICS GEL-Dirt feature some smaller spikes and on the front you get six of them. The integrated lacing system is pretty cool in that it removes a lot of the hassle having to tie your shoes again and you can instead focus on your running. It offers quite a good deal of support with some gel, which some people really appreciate, and you can feel securely locked in and supported in this great model. The midsole delivers good support as well. Depending on the store, these might come up to a higher price up to $100 for instance, so they represent a bigger investment.

So are you ready to hit the track with these shoes? Certainly, each of these pairs can fit different preferences and budgets. If you don't know what kind of spikes you need, you can always ask somebody at your track what is allowed and not. In some cases you might be forced to go for smaller spikes. Hopefully these can make a difference in your training regimen and get you in even better shape, as well as keep you out of injuries. Long distances can look a lot less discouraging when you have the right shoes on! Instead of being the one that's sorry for not having these as you look at your training buddies, cop a pair, take good care of them, and you will have no more excuses.

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