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Best Crossfit Tank Tops for Men and Women

There are all sorts of ways to dress for a Crossfit training, and one of the most important things about training is feeling good while doing it. You know you're improving your shape, but feeling good in your skin while doing it only enhances your motivation, and the results. A tank top can be a great pick for that purpose, and for both men and women. If you've already worked a good deal on your shape, a tank top can feel like a more rewarding piece of clothing than a simple shirt. And when it comes to some moves, it also provides less hassle through less fabric.

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Here we're going to review our few best picks when it comes to crossfit tank tops for crossfit around the web. We considered them through aspects like fabric, durability, price, performance and most importantly, the look. There are all sorts of styles you can choose to go for when it comes to training clothes, but we think there's a balance between a piece of clothing being practical, good with sweat and with a noticeable but still wearable message on it. We went on Amazon to pick up a few tank tops that we thought wouldn't break the bank and that we're going to get the job done. Here are our picks:

WOD Tank Tops, Yoga Tank Tops

These tank tops named WOD are nice finds we made as we went through Amazon. Theyre from Epic MMA Gear, which are familiar to the field of high performance clothing for everything training. We had a few of their shirts in one of our recent articles and this tank top will be versatile for all tasks. Just like a lot of MMA gear, they're great to take care of sweat and they breathe well. Women report feeling good in these crossfit tank tops, and the color selection is great along with the price! As you pick up a more stylish tank top, maybe you should add one of these to your cart and it may end up being your first pick when you head out for that tough workout. Its stretchy and feels like true workout gear. Definitely not some fake stuff here.

Spreadshirt Women's Handstand Tank Top

This one is original for women, but it also has a great color selection and that's why we've decided to include it in this article. The fabric is made of 65% polyester and 35% viscose which is perfect for very intense trainings. It's more of a loose fit if that's what you're looking for. The message on this tank top shows a little character and rebellious side, and it's really cool to wear. Just like a few of these tank tops, the company printing this is going for a more eco-friendly approach by printing these one of the time. But don't worry, the quality of the print is still very good despite being on-demand. This model is a bit more expensive than other picks at $25. Just make sure that you're able to walk the walk by doing a headstand when you wear this or at least by putting on a good show!

Train Insane or Remain the Same Top

For those who want a great motivating shirt that gets your group a little bit going at the gym, this one will do the trick. Its durable and the design is made so that the print doesn't wear off easily. The message doesn't imply any big ego or desire to make too much of an impression: just a strong desire to improve and inspire others to do the same. The fabric would be a main argument in favor of this one as it could become that one tank top that lasts the longest amongst your training apparel. It isn't too costly either at between $17.49 and $23.00 depending on the size and color. The Train Insane or Remain the Same tank top is available in black and grey, and both provide a nice and simple look on your way to your thoughest training sessions at the gym. It's a great pick to wear in a duo with your best training partner.

Obama Can't Ban These Guns Tank Top

This one has one of our favorites messages. Its a joke that's simply funny and that's great for a gift. These are durable crossfit tank tops for men that have gotten positive ratings from customers that ordered so far. The fabric is 100% cotton which might not please everybody, but it's $18 price is still fair. The quality is the same as the Train Insane or Remain the Same Tank Top with 100% cotton for the black version and a bit of polyester (10%) on the grey version. Decidedly, ThisWear is a company that can deliver simple, efficient and funny tops to wear at the gym. You can also look at their collection by clicking on the company name above the item description. Be it the shirts, the tank tops or the sweaters, the messages on these products never seem to be out of taste. Check them out!

SoRock Womens Kettle Bell Tank Top

Women who are looking for something cute to wear while they do Crossfit could consider this nice tank top made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The kettle bells on the back all have different mentions of essential attributes to your workout ethic and lifestyle and if you're a social person at the gym, you're surely going to get a few comments and possibly make some new friends with it. We like clothing that can trigger a good discussion, and this tank top definitely does the trick. Quite a lot of people have already bought it on Amazon and with 22 reviews in, no people have rated it badly, almost all in the 5-star category. SoRock makes great crossfit tank tops for women, and this is another great one.

So there you have it. Those are certainly great models to consider. If you want to pay less and get something durable, we would certainly suggest to women to go for one of these WOD tank tops, and for men, to choose the Train Insane crossfit tank tops which are also pretty cheap.

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