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Platform beds are one of the oldest bed styles in the world.

Platform beds are one of the oldest bed styles in the world. They have endured for so long largely because they are so simple. Clean, uncluttered lines make them tremendously versatile, and modern platform beds have added versatile shades that complement a wide range of decors. They are the epitome of chic, sophisticated taste and style but are they too chic and too sophisticated for small children? You can find a great variety of children's bedroom sets featuring platforms, but are they right for your small child? If they are made by manufacturers like South Shore, you can be assured that not only are they appropriate for kids, they are ideal.

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Platforms can be austere, but they can also be very warm and comforting. The childs Step One and Smart Basics sets from South Shore are two examples of extremely simple, crisp platform designs that have the softer edges which kids will find inviting. In great finishes like white, chocolate, natural wood, and black, your child can decorate and accessorize any way he wants, and the bed and accompanying furnishings will grow right along with him. Kids bedroom sets with platforms are perhaps the best choice any parent can make in terms of quality, durability, and changing style.

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