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A Wondrous Scheme to Start the Day

Most couples who enquire after the services of a wedding planner have never gotten married before, so will be considering hiring a wedding planner for the first time and may not fully understand the extent of the services provided by a wedding planner. If you're recently engaged and wondering

So what does a wedding planner do?

The sorts of things I will work on for a client are so varied as each couple have such different requirements. The below will give you an idea of some of the things I do for clients depending upon their requirements, in no particular order, and by no means exhaustive:

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  • Sourcing and coordinating suppliers: venue, caterer, celebrant, florist, photographer, cake, stationery, DJ, harpist, guitarist, string quartet, bagpiper, caricaturist, casino, candy buffet, band, hair stylist, makeup artist, table decor, venue decor, chair hire, glassware, linen, crockery, vintage bus, London bus, chauffeur service, childcare, lighting, PA system, drinks, confetti, ribbons
  • Preparing and keeping track of the wedding budget
  • Keeping track and sending reminders to clients of supplier payments due
  • Preparing a wedding planning timeline and keeping on track
  • Keeping a summary of suppliers who have been booked, their contracts and service details
  • Ensuring all contracts and payments are complete and fair for both parties
  • Providing suitable supplier options with enough information for clients to make a decision as to who they wish to choose for their wedding
  • Supplier meetings
  • Venue visits
  • Advice on colours, fabrics, style and design
  • Inspiration board for wedding style and design
  • Sourcing of items to complete the style and design
  • Suggesting options for alternative ways to do things
  • Suggesting ways to make the most of the budget
  • Advice on menus, drinks and how much to provide
  • Collecting and returning hired items where required
  • Organising guests around the wedding day, perhaps a meal the night before or a brunch the day after
  • Providing suggestions for readings
  • Providing suggestions for music
  • Providing guidance around wedding party roles and responsibilities and informing them of the wedding day schedule
  • Coordinating requests from Groomsmen and Bridesmaids
  • Advice on guest lists
  • Guest management tracking RSVPs, dietary, transport, accommodation etc
  • Advice on wording for invitations and other stationery items
  • Advice on accommodation and transport for guests
  • Devising seating and floor plans for ceremony and wedding breakfast for clients to complete
  • Providing etiquette advice
  • Providing emotional support and diplomatic advice through any political or difficult family and friend situations
  • Advice and help with the Bride's wedding dress and accessories
  • Advice and help with Bridesmaids dresses and accessories
  • Advice and help with the Groom and Groomsmen's style
  • Making decorations, tying ribbons to jars, chairs and napkins, tying tags to glasses, painting Love onto a parasol, filling bottles with alcohol, filling tins with sweets and teabags, filling pouches with duck food
  • Advising on the order of the wedding day and suitable timings
  • Confirming all wedding day details with the venue and all suppliers
  • Acting as the couples' ears and eyes on the wedding day, ensuring every detail is as they want it to be
  • Point of contact for the venue, suppliers and wedding party on the day
  • Facilitating all supplier requirements on the wedding day to make sure everything runs seamlessly
  • Provide full set up, support to the couple, family and wedding party, supplier and venue coordination, guest communication, any 'hiccup' resolution, emergency kit, clear down and an assistant on the wedding day

The above are the practical and professional elements that I carry out for clients. Over the course of planning a client wedding I also provide emotional and friendly support, as well as guidance to ensure the couple are happy with their decisions.

The benefit to my couples is that I am their sounding board and a single point of contact for everything they could possibly think of to do with their wedding (aside from the legal aspects which must be carried out by the couple). I save them lots of time by taking away all of the administrative aspects, save them worry by finding reliable options which suit their requirements and budget and save them stress by providing knowledgeable advice on various elements. I dont take over and make all the decisions; the couple remain in complete control and have a wedding day which is truly about them.

I love what I do and I love the couples I work with. Being a wedding planner you have to be passionate about what you do, it is an all encompassing role, during which you become quite close to your couples. It is always sad when the wedding planning comes to a close (I think I suffer a little from the wedding blues too!)

I thought it might also be useful to try and put some figures around what I provide for my clients with regards to hours and resources. So I have looked across my full wedding planning clients and have summarised the average stats per wedding below:

  • Comprehensive communication and support spanning between 7 weeks and 12 months before the wedding date
  • 700 Emails (approx.) between clients, suppliers, potential suppliers and the venue
  • 213 Hours of work per wedding (I'm sure there are some hours I don't keep a record of too)
  • 15 Suppliers to source, communicate with and coordinate
  • 12 Face-to-face or Skype meetings with clients, suppliers and the venue
  • 1,800 (approx.) Minutes of phone calls to clients, suppliers and the venue
  • 15.75 Hours attendance on the day of the wedding

Bearing in mind the above figures are average , so some weddings will be much more or less complex and involved than others.

Hopefully this puts a bit more understanding around the sometimes 'unknown' of what a wedding planner does.

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