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Every wedding is a beautiful and unique experience. In the past 8 years that I have been a wedding officiant I have seen a few ceremony touches that have been simply lovely that I would like to share with you.

Loss of a loved one

One wedding- The brides mother had died, so in the front row the bride had placed a rose in the seat she was supposed to sit on. I have also seen this done with a picture of the deceased loved one placed on a chair.

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Dogs as ring bearers

Twice I have seen a dog as a ring bearer. I think this is very thoughtful- but unless the dog is very well trained I would have someone walk the dog down the aisle- because can be easily distracted, and we don't want the dog to run off following a scent and the rings are still attached to his collar.

Ring Bearers

Traditionally ring bearers are little boys and they carry the wedding rings on a decorative pillow. I have seen the rings tied on the pillow, and I have also seen the ring bearer carry down the pillow with fake rings and the best man actually has the wedding rings in his pocket. At the last wedding I did- the ring bearers mother, had tied the wedding rings onto the ring bearers pillow a little too tightly and the groom could not get them untied during the ceremony. The ceremony stopped for a moment while the groom asked if anyone had a pocket knife.

Walking the bride down the aisle

Everyone has their own idea when it comes to processing down the aisle. At my own wedding ten years ago I wanted to do something kind of different then having my father walk me down the aisle and escorting me to my fiance. I decided that my husband would walk down the aisle with his parents and then I would follow escorted by both of my parents. This worked out really well for our families.

Last week I officiated at a wedding and the bride, initially started walking down the aisle with her biological father, and halfway down the aisle the two of them picked up her step dad. This was a very genuine and touching gesture.

Unity Candle

These we're very popular a few years ago, but I haven't had too many couples request this recently. I usually suggest that the candles be lit before the ceremony and then burned out so that the wics will light right up during the ceremony.

Sand Ceremony

This is a fun moment during a wedding ceremony. The bride and groom and anyone else they want too can pour colored sand into a vessel which the couple can keep forever. I have recently heard that they now have a special glue to solidify the sand, so that the different sand layers will stay in place. You can buy all of the supplies at a craft store.

Signing the wedding certificate

At a wedding I Officiated a few weeks ago, the couple wanted to sign their wedding license during the ceremony, I had never heard of this before but it was a beautiful moment in the ceremony and all of the guests enjoyed witnessing the signing of the contract.

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