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Hope you've all had a great week, it has flown by with the bank holiday and Friday seems to have come just that little but quicker!

So here we are, and I really can't believe I'm saying the but it's already the penultimate week of the challenge already, Sam you've really done a fabulous job, it's been so much fun! This weeks topic is probably one of my favourites, all about our favourite beauty treatment! And if you know me, you'll know I love treating myself and going to the Beauty Salon.. What girl doesn't?

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So when asked to choose my favourite beauty treatment, well it was quite difficult when there is so much to choose from. From all things nails to hair, oh the salon is one of my favourite places ever! I'm going to start by telling you one of my favourite treatments which I love and then I'm going to give you all the details about my salon!

Shellac Nails:

Firstly, who doesn't like perfectly manicured nails? There's just something about it that it can't help but love. If you don't already know what shellac nails are, basically a soft gel type nail polish which lasts for two weeks. What I love most about them is that they stay shiny for the full two weeks so you don't have to worry about them becoming dull or about that top coat wearing off..we all know the feeling! Shellac nails are set in place by placing your hand under a UV lamp for about a minute for each coat of nail varnish used (depending on the colour). I absolutely love how the finish, they look and feel extremely professional. In my opinion there is nothing worse than having smudged or chipped nails, it's one of my pet peeves!

The Salon

The Beauty Salon which I go to (and absolutely love so would totally recommend) is called Perfect Vanity. The staff who work there are extremely friendly and really do make you feel like home! The simple little things like taking your coat, offering you refreshments and magazines really do add to the whole 'Salon experience'. Perfect Vanity is beautifully decorated with an all white theme, elegant in it's simplicity! They offer a full range of beauty treatments with more information available on their website here!

So there we have my favourite beauty treatment! What can I say, I'm definitely one for the nails! Do you have a favourite beauty treatment? Let me know in the comments below!

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