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One of my old bosses once told me a story...

One of my old bosses once told me a story about elephant poachers. They take baby elephants and shackle one of their back feet to a chain that's attached to a big stake in the ground. Since the baby elephants aren't big enough or strong enough to break free, they are stuck to the post. The slavers feed them and clean up after them for years, during which time the elephants grow. A radius of six feet around the post becomes their home. Because even after they grow big enough, they believe that they can never break free of the restraints. The poachers then harvest their ivory tusks and sell the docile animals off without incident. Zoos use a similar method to train elephants to stay in their habitats or cages.

In life, we may strive to achieve our goals and aspirations, but there will always be a time when we are the elephant, and other times when we may unintentionally find ourselves in the role of the poachers. And sometimes, we're both.

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I had the chance to talk to Penelope Trunk a while ago, and we we're discussing my goals and plans. I mentioned to her all of the steps that I would have to take to achieve these goals when she interrupted me. "Whoever told you that you have to do that is full of it," she said. "You don't need to waste your time on all of that you need to go for it and stop preventing yourself from achieving success."

In his book, Sex Money Kiss , Gene Simmons notes that it's better for winners to hang out with losers than other winners. "The other winners are too busy trying to win and turn the other winner into a loser. Winners always try to achieve more."

In life, people are always looking for a way to succeed, and this success can come at a cost to others. But if you're determined, confident and smart about what you want to do, nothing and no one should stand in your way. Don't allow your misgivings or the words of others to become a chain around your ankle.

Even if you're the elephant, you're strong enough to break the chain.

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