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3 Worst Cell Phone Mistakes Any Salesperson Can Make.

There are a whole myriad of mistakes that you as a sales person can make, some of which will be fairly serious and could cost you a bunch of money and others will be of little consequence to you or those around you. There are, however, a number of serious mistakes that you could make with your mobile or cell phones.

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When I first started as salesman, clients accepted a 3 day turnaround for you to get back to them, but with modern forms of communication, clients and prospects want to hear from you almost instantly. E-mail, cellular technology, instant messages and social media have all made the sales environment a fast paced working place.

With this in mind, 3 of the worst mistakes any sales person can make are:

1. Not knowing your own mobile number and then using the lame excuse, I never call myself. Although I know my mobile number very well, I have it written on a large piece of paper on the wall opposite my desk. If I am there and someone asks for the number, it is easy to look up and read it off. This is not because my memory is bad, but because I refuse to get it wrong!

2. Not returning voice messages or missed calls. We all know how frustrating it is when we have left a message for someone that does not get returned. It is like we are being ignored! Make you clients feel good about themselves and about you by returning their message. You will be amazed how quickly this will lift you to the top of you industry.

3. Not responding to text or sms messages. This more than most is extremely infuriating if you are a client and are expecting information, etc.

By ensuring that these 3 simple things are done, you will be doing way more than you competitors and will be on your way to sustainable success in any economic environment.

Quote for the day:When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.


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