Books to Read This Summer

Summer is here, and with summer comes vacations, holidays and much-needed breaks from day to day lives. In is that time of the year where one can relax and get all the much-needed energy and motivation to go and start working again. While some people like going on a long vacation, enjoying the beach, playing with the sand and paragliding to the fullest, whereas some prefer to stay at home, relax and just read a very good book. This article is for them and to all those who love reading books that match the season. Here is a list of books that one can read this summer and get a smooth summer vacation.

    No Man is an Island – Thomas Merton

No Man is an Island, is a complete package with so much wisdom on spirituality and living life well and good. You can sit reading this book for a year and just scratch the surface. Merton address those in search of persistent values, fulfillment and salvation in prose that is, as always inspiring and compassionate.

    We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices Of Syria- Wendy Pearlman

The author interviewed hundreds of displaced Syrians in the aftermath of the massive attacks. This book shares all those experiences and happenings that occurred during and after the attacks.

    Surpassing Certainty- Janet Mock

This writer and a TV host describe the process of writing the memoir of her twenties that accounts the early experiences of the romance and her competitive media career.

    Let Your Life Speak – Parker Palmer

This book invites its reader with wisdom, compassion, and gentle humor to listen to the inner teacher and the follow it to move towards a sense of meaning and purpose of life. This book is like an illuminating world for the deep dark failures in one’s life that one has to go through.