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Each month, Love With Food sends you...

Each month, Love With Food sends you a box of unique, hard-to-find, snacks. The great thing about Love With Food is that for every box you get, you are also donating a meal to food banks such as the Feeding America Network or Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry. I think that is great that the company does this! You can also review the snacks you try each month and earn points. They also have a shop and you can buy things that you like or redeem your points for them.

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October's theme was Scary Delicious! On to the snacks:

Chocolate Pizzelle Crisps from Silk City Snacks. These we're crispy Italian waffle cookies. They we're crispy and lightly sweet. I really didn't think that they we're very chocolate flavored.

Glee Gum This gum is made with brown rice and cane sugars and was berry flavored. I really liked the flavor of the gum.

New World Caveman Cookies by Cavemen Bakery These cookies we're made from a mix of pumpkin seeds and maple syrup. They are a good for you cookie. The cookies had a maple flavor for sure and tasted very healthy! It was not what I usually look for in a cookie but if you are looking for something healthy they just might be for you!

Pixo Pearls from Viniaigerie Gingras- These are described as apple cider vinegar pearls that add a burst of flavor with every bite! You can put them on salads or canapes. I have not tried these yet and am not too sure about them! I may try these when I am feeling more adventurous.

Happy Squeeze from Happy Family This was was a good for you veggie & fruit pouch that contains 1/2 cup of fruit per pouch. I have an aversion to things in pouches so this is another thing that I am not trying!

Toasted Coconut Chips from Dang The coconut chips are crunchy and lightly sweet. I loved these and they we're for sure my favorite thing in the box. They are good just to eat from the bag or would be a great addition to your favorite granola or morning cereal.

Kind Bars from Kind Snacks I also really liked this snack. These are something that I have bought numerous times at the store. I like that they contain a lot of fruit and nuts! They keep you satisfied for several hours.

Organic Hard Candies from Torie & Howard I really liked these candies! They had a great fruit flavor and are all natural. I would buy them again.

Overall, this was not one of my favorite Love With Food boxes. Some of the past boxes we're more my taste. I peeked at their website and the November box looked really good. The price of the box is a pretty good value and who knows you might just find a new favorite snack! If you would like to try Love With Food now is a great time since you can get a two year subscription to Every Day with Rachel Ray free with a $66.00 or more purchase. The promotion runs through 12/1. If you subscribe to Love With Food already let me know what you think!


Posted in Books Post Date 06/12/2017