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I braved the crowds of Black Friday...

I braved the crowds of Black Friday and headed on over to the Aventura Mall. I stopped at Starbucks before I headed over to the mall to get a Gingerbread Soy Latte. Yum! There was a cop there and she said that she had to arrest someone for pulling a gun on someone else who cut in line at Best Buy. I never knew people we're so serious about shopping! Luckily, I didn't head to the mall until around noon so all the crazies we're back at home fast asleep. Why on earth would anyone wake up at 4 a.m. to fight with other holiday shoppers? I can't think of anything I want that badly.

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After about 30 minutes of shopping, my tummy startled to grumble. There was a wait at the restaurants in the mall, so we decided to head to the food court. It isalways kind of hit and miss with food court food. Okay, it is mostly a miss. I ate some Asian food that was definitely a miss, so luckily Jason offered me some of his French fries from Charleys Grilled Subs.

As you might have suspected, the French fries we're just regular fast food fries that we're frozen before serving. However, Charleys seasoned the French fries with Lawrys seasoning salt. They we're hot and crispy. Nothing fancy, but the added salty goodness was a welcome burst of flavor enjoyed by my taste buds.

After I refueled with energy, I decided the holiday crowds we're nothing I wanted to deal with so I headed home. Thank goodness for amazon.com.

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