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Cosmetic allergy, again?!

C's got allergies from cosmetics AGAIN! FHLFHLFHL. In this post, she explores and gives y'all a little insight into what it's like to be ugly. No, I'm kidding. Just what you should do when you actually get it. Trust me, it's like Jurassic Park on your face- absolutely scary.

Short update: after a day of applying cream, my face is almost back to normal! Going to the facialist for some moisture! -C.Hi y'all.

Just this afternoon, I was shopping and trying on clothes in the fitting room. Loe n behold, I noticed what seemed all too familiar. COSMETIC ALLERGIES. fmlfmlfml.
Trust me, I'm not even exaggerating. It totally FYL. But this time, being a pro already, I cooly walked over to Unity Pharmacy and asked the pharmacists for some hydrocortisone cream. Like a pro or what.

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The last time, I actually left my skin with the allergies for a month before going to the doctor, dismissing it as poor complexion. Until it really started looking so bad (think a ripple effect across my entire face and it was puffy- the bloated kind). I didn't even want to go out, looking at other people's skin and feeling all envious. There can never be a time a girl can feel uglier. REALLY.

So I thought I'd do a short post on what skin allergies caused by cosmetics is like. That way, you won't have to be like me who waited an entire month before deciding they're allergies.(left): normal. (right) face is uneven and puffier with more bumps

So here's a picture that I grabbed off Google. My camera couldn't quite capture the bumps well enough since I detected it early. This picture is probably the closest I could find that's similar to my situation.

So you know how there's so many beauty products available and we're just spoilt for choice. In olden times, people could just wash their faces with water and not give a heck. Now, with all these harsh pollutants around, our skin's natural barrier will not suffice. Being a beauty junkie, I love to try samples or anything really. Of course I was a little more careful from the last horror incident. Maybe this time it's an expired foundation or something. who knows.

The symptoms
Irritant Contact Dermatitis
Occurs when a harsh or irritating substance comes into contact with the skin. Rather common

  • face itches like crazy
  • uneven texture
  • itchy, scaly skin or even rashes

Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Occurs when your skin is allergic to a specific ingredient

  • redness, swelling & itching
  • hive-like breakouts

Allergic reactions can happen from immediately (e.g. perfumes) to days, weeks, months or even years later! So don't think you're safe! If the allergy takes place at a certain place, more localised, you can try to investigate which product you use on that part of your face that could be the culprit. Most of such reactions usually take place in areas between the cheeks to the jawline. So look out for that.

What to do

  • don't scratch- your hands are filled with a gazillion bacteria
  • STOP using any products
  • wash your face only with water until it subsides (I know, eww. how'd that get rid of the oil, but that's what the doctor told me)
  • use the products you know are safe for you
  • get some hydrocortisone cream and follow the instructions carefully/ seek the doctor's attention to be safe

Some things to note about hydrocortisone cream:
It's a steroid, so it basically speeds us the recovery process. Use twice daily, not for more than a week and apply only a THIN layer. I've read cases where people suffered from skin discolouration from a result of using too strong a dosage or for prolonged periods. So always make sure you check your cream with an expert!

I'm not a doctor, neither should you follow my advice blindly. Do your research, but this is just based on my experience so you know what it's like and how to deal with it. Okay, I hope it's useful!

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