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Skincare Alert! Save or Splurge?

Are beauty products all made equal or are we just easy targets of major marketing ploys? With so many choices and varieties over the counters, how do you know what are the products that you should be paying top dollars for and what are made equal? Read on to find out what you should save your hard earned dollars on and what you should splurge on.

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Save on

  • Cleansers Cleansers, as the name states, are just pure simple solutions for removing oil and dirt. The trick is to buy the types that are made for sensitive skin. These formulas for sensitive skin are generally gentler on the skin and will not irritate or strip the skin of essential oils.
  • Eye Makeup Remover Over the years, I have tried eye makeup remover that cost as much as a Chanel lipstick and those from Price line. I found that my favorite is Garnier's Clean Sensitive Make-Up Dissolver 200ml ($7.75) for sensitive skin. This easy to use liquid removes all my waterproof mascara within 2 wipes! It's cheap and good. Will not be able to go back to the expensive brands after this.
  • Daily Moisturizer This product is meant to hydrate you. Choose one that is oil-free and suitable for your skin type. It would be a good idea to get a moisturizer that contains sunscreen in it for sun protection. This helps prevent premature aging.

Splurge on

  • Serum Most beauty therapists agree that if there is one thing that you should splurge on, that would have to be serums. In the May 09 issue of Shop til you drop, readers are advised that "Serums are packed with potent levels of anti-aging ingredients, which give you a concentrated hit of anti-oxidants. And they are far richer than anything you will find in a moisturizer". Also, the ingredients that are included in serums, often do not come cheap or easy. Often, the higher the price tag the higher the concentration of active ingredients. Additionally, most high-tech formulas usually go into a beauty company's serum first before they are later used in their other cream products.
  • Eye Creams These are definitely splurges! You can use regular moisturizer around the eye area but it is best to invest in a specialized cream or serum for the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes. I love Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Eye Gel for night and The Body Shop's Vitamin E eye cream.



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